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No more searching for the people that understand your goals and want the same. Easily chat, collaborate and, and create with other budding student influencers.

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Take your skills to new heights and gain invaluable insights through personalized sessions with established renowned influencers in your chosen niche.

Snag Exclusive Opportunities

Learn by doing. Get a chance to hone your creator’s skills by participating in contests. Gain some industry exposure by collaborating with top brands for barter campaigns.

Get Invited to Exciting Events

Special insider access to meet and greets, parties, concerts, and other events for you to meet new people and network all while having a blast at the same time.

Learn From The Best in the Influencer Marketing Industry

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Still Got Questions?

The Sehaye community is your ultimate chance to learn all there is to know about the art of influencing from the experts themselves: established creators from a wide variety of niches.

If you ever looked at a reel and thought hey I can make one that’s way better then this is the place for you. We help students level up their profile, find their niche, and get inspired to start creating their content that’s authentic and engaging. 

You also get the chance to interact with creators who have been in your shoes. Attend meet and greets, workshops, live sessions. Ask your questions and receive relevant advice that you can actually implement.

We believe in delivering only the best to our community members. That’s why we’ve already partnered with talented creators of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and technology worlds. Not to mention we have a terrific line up of professionals ready to bring their A-game. We’re talking digital marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, creative powerhouses, and top-tier mentors.

We want you to experience how brand collabs work in real-time. So you have the opportunity to participate in contests that test your creativity and talent as you create content for renowned brands. Additional opportunities are available for students who have more than 1000 followers to apply for barter campaigns and collaborate with brands on the Sehaye application.

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