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Agencies require technology that simplifies research, definition, and management of influencer talent done for their clients. The Sehaye platform does exactly that: streamlined barter workflows & data-driven decisions for ultimate client satisfaction.

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Discover Influencers

Shortlist Ideal Profiles

Select influencers based on various niche interests, market sectors, audience demographics, and more.

Optimise Workflows

Campaign Management Tools

The Sehaye platform offers several essential  tools  to manage multiple creators and campaign workflows in an organised manner.

Analyse Results

Understand What Works

Informative insights and precise tracking yield better results. Our solution enables you to evaluate the ROI of the campaigns you run for your clients.

Time Management

Save Valuable Time

Our dashboard enables agencies to boost their productivity with built-in features like direct chat, role assignment, and scheduler to stay organised. 

One-stop Destination

All Clients in One Place

You no longer need to switch between multiple apps to communicate with clients. With Sehaye you can manage all your clients on one platform. 

Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sehaye is focused on optimising barter campaigns making them easy and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Try Sehaye for barter campaigns that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

After the registration process is completed brands and agencies will be given access to a personalised dashboard. Everything from creating the brief to communicating with influencers can be done through this dashboard.

Sehaye currently supports barter campaigns on the two popular platforms of Instagram and Youtube (but we’re continuously working towards adding more platforms along the way!). 

No, you are free to choose the number of influencers you wish to collaborate with for the campaign. Sehaye works on a pay per use model and the fee is charged depending on the number of influencers in each category (nano, micro, macro, etc.) that you decide to work with. You only pay for your requirement per campaign.

Sehaye brings you a massive pool of influencers across a variety of categories. You can browse and filter based on audience size, demographic etc and shortlist only the ones that are best suited for your campaign requirements.

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