Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Vavo Digital launches its barter application, ‘Sehaye,’ for Influencers, Brands to connect, execute campaigns

Speaking on ideation and conceptualization behind the Barter Application, Neha Puri, Founder & CEO, Vavo Digital said, “With the ever-growing field of influencer marketing, we realised the importance of streamlining and requirement of tech. According to projections of 2022, the influencer industry is set to scale Rs 2,200cr….

Vavo Digital launches barter app ‘Sehaye’ for influencers and brands

With a vision to empower Indian content creators, Vavo Digital seeks to bring a host of opportunities for them and facilitate campaigns for prominent Indian and international brands……………

Vavo Digital launches a first of its kind barter application- ‘Sehaye’

Primarily created to support influencers and grant them direct access to any desired brand, it helps them to climb up the ladder. The need for these influencers to constantly seek for brands requiring influencers for their projects will be eliminated through the launch of this application……………

Vavo Digital launches barter application ‘Sehaye’

Vavo Digital recently launched the barter application called ‘Sehaye’, derived from Sahai, meaning a ‘partner’ or ‘affiliate’ in Sanskrit. …………..