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10 Ways to Use Barter Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Barter campaigns are a great way to get started for brands and budding new influencers with influencer marketing. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. 

The brands don’t have to commit to spending a huge amount of remunerating the influencers for their service. 

And the influencers get to show their creative work with a smaller following. A great way for them to begin their career in this field. 

It’s proven and the cheapest way of collaborating and promoting a brand to a wider range of audience. At a fraction of the cost. 

As we all know, word of mouth is a great way of marketing any product. With barter collaboration that’s exactly what’s happening! 

The recommendation by influencers helps audiences trust the opinions of the influencers and there lies the potential of them being your potential customers.

Here are 10 ways in which barter collaboration can help grow your business:

  1. Showcase Products

Barter collaboration for brands is an excellent way to showcase their products to a wide range of audiences. You can widen your horizons and get a chance to present your products to a newer audience. 

Unlike traditional Ads and Paid Ads, you don’t have to invest a lot of money for it. The influencers shall showcase your products using creative ways. 

For say, if you have an apparel business, find an influencer who talks about fashion. You can consider sending your products to them and asking them to showcase your product as a part of their content.

Check out this reel by Prerna Shetty, a Genz fashion and beauty influencer who showcases fashion products from Urbanic.

There are a bunch of different ways to integrate brand products into an influencer’s content, such as Creating GRWM Reels, Budget Finds, Top Picks, etc.

  1. Build Trust

If you are a relatively new brand and looking to build trust among your audience. Barter collaborations are the way to go. Personal opinions of influencers would be valued more than Paid Collaborations. This is where barter collaborations have an edge over paid advertisements.

While paid collaborations are a way to remunerate influencers for the efforts and work that they put in. Audiences trust influencers with their opinions when the collaboration is not paid.

  1. Show features and benefits of products

Content Creation is the king in the current world. With content creation, you can not just introduce your products to audiences but also create content that educates your audience about the features and benefits of using your brand’s product/services.

Audiences these days prefer short-form video content, In the form of Reels on Instagram and Youtube Shorts on Youtube. 

Here are a few ideas to show the features and benefits of your product,

  1. Start off a video stating the problem that your product solves and then go ahead stating how your product helps your customers solve the problem.
  2. Instead of sending your products to any random influencer with a big following, opt for influencers who would genuinely benefit from your product, so your product looks genuine.
  3. With every video content that the influencer uploads ask them to mention the features of the products quite clearly in the caption or on the video.  
  1. Content Creation

In the current day and age, just a good store/e-commerce website, and good products are not enough to have a business growing. An Active social media presence and freshly brewed content! 

The cheapest way to reach out to a newer set of audiences online is by content creation. Instagram Algorithm supports pages that are highly active on their platform producing content. With this, you don’t just build social trust but also have the potential to reach a new audience.

  1. Reach more people

With the help of barter collaborations, you don’t just get to keep your brand’s followers engaged with content, but also have a higher chance of reaching out to more people. 

Along with your brand’s followers, you get a chance to present your brand in front of your influencer’s audiences as well and get a chance to appear on the Explore page as well.

  1. Giveaways

With barter collaborations, you can promote giveaways and contests. As a new business, if you are looking to increase the follower count of your page. Try conducting giveaways and contests along with influencers. 

This will help you get more followers to your page, resulting in better engagement of the brand’s social media page. 

  1. Feedback/Testimonials

With barter collaborations, you can send in some of your products to the influencers and ask them for feedback/testimonials in return. 

Since the influencers would be known to their audience, their opinion or recommendations would create a great impact on the audience’s purchasing decisions. 

  1. Promotion

Barter Collaborations’ primary focus is on promoting the brand. The promotion comes by default with barter collaborations. Promotion for the brand and its products is an extremely important aspect of a brand’s growth.

  1. Increased visibility of the brand

Barter collaborations for brands come with a lot of views, likes, shares, and saves and that in return increases the visibility of the brand on various social media channels. 

  1. New Product Launches

Every business at some point would be launching or relaunching products. This is a piece of great news, so make sure you make as much as people around you know about your product.


Now you don’t just have 1 but 10 solid reasons to include barter campaigns into your marketing campaign. What are you waiting for to get started with the barter campaign, now!

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