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Executing Barter Campaigns: 3 Game-Changing Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Influencers are the driving force for the growth of any brand. Influencers drive commerce, and advertisements like TV, radio, and newspaper have done for decades. It’s nearly impossible to grow brands online without barter campaigns!

Did you know that about 25.9% of brands opt for barter campaigns? 

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Barter Campaigns are a great way to get started with Influencer Marketing. Instagram and YouTube are the two most liked platforms for this campaign execution. It’s an excellent medium for influencers to get free samples, exposure and experience. With the help of Barter campaigns, brands can reach out to newer audiences, resulting in increased brand visibility and loyalty. 

If you want to be part of 25.9% of companies, begin with your barter campaign. 

Here are the 3 game-changing tips to achieve your marketing goals with barter campaigns:

  1. Provide a Detailed Brief

Influencers would appreciate it if you shared all the required information regarding the marketing campaign. This makes it super easy for the influencers to understand your expectations and can deliver accordingly. This way, you can avoid misunderstandings in the future. 

Make sure your brief covers all the following:

  1. About the Brand

Describe the brand, who you are, what you do, and your brand values. It would be better to attach a description of your experiences.

  1. Your Marketing Goals

Explicitly mention your marketing goals. What’s your objective? To have more engagement? Drive traffic to the landing page? Promoting their product/service?

3. Your Expectations

Be crystal clear about what you expect from them through this campaign. What form of content do you want? How many content pieces do you need?

4. Pay in Kind

Keep it simple yet straightforward. Mention that this campaign is a barter campaign. The influencer gets your products for free in exchange, and they must promote your product/service. They won’t be provided with any remuneration.

     2) Give influencers the creative freedom

Giving up some control is crucial to help you reach your goal faster. Yes, you read that right! Giving up some creative control. 

You need to provide the influencer with a brief about your goals, values, and expectations and allow them some freedom. After all, this is what they do best! They understand their followers more than anyone else. They know precisely how to reach out to their audiences in their own way.

Ask your influencer to keep you posted. Remember why you collab with an influencer and not a commercial advertisement. You choose an Influencer as they can efficiently convey to their audiences about your products. It’s their personality that helps them connect with their followers. 

Give them a brief on your expectations, tell them what’s required from their end, and give them enough creative space and freedom to design content that appeals to their audiences.

     3) Track and Analyse the Metrics

Now comes the most crucial aspect, that’s the results! It’s vital to identify and measure the right metrics to check the success of your marketing campaign. 

To know whether your influencer marketing efforts are working or not. You need to regularly check your metrics to understand how your campaign is performing and whether you need to tweak your campaign to boost engagement or reach.

You can use tools to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These tools help you monitor your influencer’s content in real-time. Campaigns can be tracked in terms of reach, engagement, etc. 

Here’s a blog on the 7 best ways to measure your influencer marketing ROI. This will help you have a successful campaign and also measure your ROI. Tracking these metrics will help you take a sound decision.

Wrapping Up

Barter collaboration is a win-win for both brands and influencers, as brands get more visibility, followers for their socials, website visitors, etc., and the influencers get free products, exposure and other perks. Do you want to know more about barter collaboration? Read this

These were all the 3-Game Changing tips on barter collabs. If you are looking for a systematic barter platform, Sehaye is the one! It makes the entire process easy and quick to ensure your campaigns go well. Get a Demo now! 

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