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How to Effectively Use Instagram Stories as an Influencer

Instagram Stories are a great way for influencers to tell their audience stories and keep them posted about what’s happening in their life. Instagram stories are quite underrated. While most brands expect influencers to upload reels or posts for brand collaborations. We believe that Instagram stories are a great way to tell stories to your audience that keeps them hooked to your page. So, Instagram stories backed by some posts/reel work great and can give you a better reach.

We know Instagram stories are temporary and gone after 24 hours, but they are a great way to keep your audience updated without spamming their feed. Instagram stories act as an icebreaker to start up a conversation with a stranger.

In this blog, we will show you how you can effectively use Instagram stories as an influencer. Follow these 5 tips to successfully leverage the power of consistent Instagram stories.  

  1. Increased Engagement

Instagram stories are a power bank to share endless opportunities to engage with your audience! 

Unlike reels, posts, or carousels you don’t have to have planned content for your Instagram stories. Instagram stories could be random and simple. 

You can start by updating your day-to-day tasks online, celebrating your mini achievements, or building curiosity for your upcoming posts/reels. 

Instagram algorithm pushes pages which are highly active on the platform. Usage of Instagram stories to its fullest will help you get increased engagement for your page.

  1. Share your expertise

You could be a fashion and beauty influencer or someone who talks about gadgets and electronic devices. Whatever your niche is, talk about it. Share your expertise about the subject in bite-size format on your Instagram stories. 

The Human attention span has significantly reduced and there is nothing we love more than consuming quick informative content that 

So, here are a few ways you could share your expertise on Instagram stories: 

  1. You can show some products that are relevant to your niche and discuss  their features, benefits and use case 
  2. You can share tips about your niche or tell about the latest trends in your niche.
  3. Add value to your follower’s lives by discussing a common problem that’s faced by them and offering a solution to it as an expert. For example, if you’re a fashion influencer you can share a hack on how to tighten your jeans without sewing.  
  1. Leverage Instagram stories stickers

Instagram stories have endless ways to communicate with your followers. Be it Q&A Stickers, Polls, Quizzes, and much more. Make the best use of these features available on Instagram stories to learn more about your audience, and their thoughts about your content.

Share snippets about your life with your audience, and try to keep your Q&A sessions engaging and entertaining. Don’t go overboard with the questions and make them feel like you are spamming into their feed. Consider using these features once a week or so, depending on the response you get from your audience.

  1. Share BTS and build curiosity

The difference between a celebrity and an influencer is that with a celebrity the audience always feels like they are a notch above whereas an influencer is someone who’s like them with a bit of social following, etc.

This is the edge that you have over a celebrity. Share your day-to-day tasks with them, and show a bit of content that would build curiosity for them to stay tuned to your page for your upcoming post/reel. Share bits of behind-the-scenes too to keep them hooked to your page.

  1. Reshare your past work

Content creation is an important part of any influencer’s social media page. The lifeline of the content piece doesn’t end after stopping it. You have put your efforts into making that one piece of content. 

Make it a point to reshare that piece of content with time. For say,

  1. Content that you uploaded a year back, you could share it as a memory.
  2. Content that was uploaded a few weeks back is back in trend or something similar to that, There’s your opportunity to reshare it.

In conclusion

Instagram stories can help you up your Instagram game and build a better connection with your community. If you’ve not focused on Instagram stories yet then this is your sign to do so. 

Instagram stories have something new to offer every other day, as an influencer you gotta be quick in adapting to these changes to succeed and gain traction and popularity. 

While stories are a great way to engage with your followers and ensure that you don’t go overboard, a few stories a day should suffice. Implement these 5 tips to your Instagram stories strategy and check your progress with the stories analytics to see how this benefits you. 

Trial and error is the way to go to excel and be at the top of your audience’s mind. Hope you found this blog useful. Here’s a bonus for you, Tap here, Read this blog on Storytelling: for influencers. For more such content on influencer marketing. Follow Sehaye!
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