Barter Campaigns can help Build Relationships with Other Businesses


Barter marketing or the practice of bartering refers to the exchange of goods and services instead of money. It is a great alternative for startups who are bootstrapped and new in the industry. Running barter campaigns and doing strategic partnerships with brands can turn into a mutually beneficial relationship, which can essentially help you reach […]

Barter Campaigns and Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Them Work Together

affiliate marketing

In today’s age, where everything is going digital, businesses are constantly looking for unique and innovative ways to market their products and services. Marketing is simply increasing the awareness of a certain product or company as a whole. In recent years,  two popular marketing strategies have gained significant traction, namely barter campaigns and affiliate marketing.  […]

How to Effectively Use Instagram Stories as an Influencer

Using Instagram Stories as an Influencer

Instagram Stories are a great way for influencers to tell their audience stories and keep them posted about what’s happening in their life. Instagram stories are quite underrated. While most brands expect influencers to upload reels or posts for brand collaborations. We believe that Instagram stories are a great way to tell stories to your […]

Top 5 Industries That Greatly Benefit From Barter Campaigns

Top 5 Industries that Benefit Most from Barter Campaigns

Brands are constantly looking out for new, innovative ways to connect with their audience. There are a hundred different ways to market your product/ service but a  few are not just effective but are also free of cost!  Barter campaigns are one of them! It’s a form of influencer marketing where the brands give influencers […]

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