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Influencer Marketing Platforms vs Traditional Influencer Marketing

In this digital era, consumers spend the majority of their time with their gadgets. Unlike before, consumers are not enticed by TV, radio ads, billboards, or flyers. Now, they prefer using social media and spend most of their time there consuming content online. 

So, the brands need to consider this while deciding their marketing strategy. Given that consumers are now highly active on social media channels. Brands should use this to their advantage and market their product/service using social media. 

One common marketing practice that helps brands get a lot of footfalls to the shop is “Word of Mouth”. What if I told you that you could do the same but using social media? Yes, you read that right! 

Influencer Marketing is what can help you with this! Influencer Marketing is a relatively new method and has got some fantastic results! 

If you wanna go ahead with Influencer Marketing, you can take up 2 routes. You can ‌do it yourself or use platforms like Sehaye, your one-stop influencer marketing solution!

Here are 5 reasons you should choose influencer marketing platforms but specifically Sehaye, an influencer marketing designed by us after carefully analysing and evaluating the needs of marketing, over traditional influencer marketing methods:

  1. No Research & Development is required

With the help of Sehaye, you don’t have to break your head into searching your first or next influencer for your marketing campaign. Simply log in to the account, add in your requirements and budget and get everything done for you the way you need it!

Sehaye, scans through a hundred influencers and finds you the best who will match your budget and also someone who aligns with your brand interest.

  1. Cheaper & Less Time Consuming

With Sehaye, you don’t just get the work done with efficiency but also get it done at a much cheaper cost than getting it done manually. If you would opt to hire a professional for a similar job. Your cost will increase, plus the amount of time taken to execute the campaign would be much more.

So, instead of wasting your time and money, why don’t you use Sehaye wherein all you need to do is enter your requirements and get a list of influencers who match your requirements? Pick the ones you feel would represent your brand well. Make the deal. Head out to us and get things done in a jiffy.

  1. Expert Advice

Sehaye, is not just some sort of a random AI tool. Sehaye, is a product of Vavo Digital, It is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies which has successfully executed a hundred campaigns. Sehaye, along with executing the campaign, also provides you with a platform wherein you can constantly be in touch with the support team during your campaign. In case of issues during the campaign, you have an army of experts ready to help you through.

Our experts shall give you tips on:

  1. What needs to be done and what not? 
  2. How can you optimize your campaign?
  3. Changes that need to be done to your campaign to get even better results? etc.
  1. Clear Pricing & Better Negotiation

One common concern that business owners have about influencer marketing is that there’s no rule of thumb regarding compensating influencers for the brand collab. Businesses might end up paying too much or less to the influencer for their work. Now, when the pricing is not clear and they don’t have a set parameter on what basis they would be paying because of which negotiation also becomes a little tricky. 

That’s where Sehaye can help you! With Sehaye you get the entire profile of the influencer and details regarding their pricing too! This makes your work 100% easier. As you can compare the pricing of the influencers and pick the one that suits your needs and budget well.

Negotiation is a part and parcel of every deal. Leverage your deal with the influencers. Since you have all the data with you regarding the pricing and the deliverables of various influencers. You can now make a better deal with the influencers. 

So, Negotiation is made easy and hassle-free with Sehaye, and if you are looking for only barter collabs that can also be done with Sehaye!

  1. Systematically track metrics

The best part about Sehaye! This is how effortlessly you can track the metrics of your influencer marketing campaign on this platform. You get detailed insights about your marketing campaign with Sehaye, making it easy for you to interpret the success of your marketing campaign. 

Wrapping Up

           Almost all brands have tried their hands at influencer marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. The effectiveness of working with influencers to let your audience know about the brand message, a higher ROI, cost-effectiveness, and better connection with potential customers. These are some of the advantages that make influencer marketing a great choice for marketing your brand. 

Execution of influencer marketing can make or break the whole campaign. The digital space is dynamic and ever-changing. To keep up your game, you need to be updated about the latest trends in influencer marketing. 

With traditional influencer marketing, you might get the expected results but with influencer marketing platforms such as Sehaye, you get expert advice, track metrics, clear pricing, etc all at a very competitive price! 

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the systematic way of doing influencer marketing. Book your Demo Call now with Sehaye!

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