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Influencer Analytics: How to Optimise Your Barter Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the most used online customer acquisition strategy. You can find influencers across various platforms, such as Instagram,  Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. They are available in multiple domains like fashion, beauty, home products, lifestyle, and more. 

Influencer’s popularity these days is a result of both the trend towards social media-based engagement marketing and the credibility that these individuals hold. According to research by HubSpot,  89% of marketers will increase their investments in 2023.

Credits: HubSpot

While influencer marketing can fetch the highest ROI, do you think all influencer marketing campaigns succeed? No! So, how do we measure the success of the campaign? Is it only about the campaign going viral? Or is there more to it? 

This is exactly what we will be dealing with in this blog, measuring the influencer analytics and 3 different ways to optimize the barter influencer campaign. Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the process!

Benchmarks to measure influencer analytics 

Keeping track of the metrics is critical to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign. 

Here are the 3 metrics that you need to track and measure: 

1) Conversions

2) Content Engagement

3) Web Traffic 

1) Conversions

Depending on your campaign, a conversion can be anything like purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, etc. With conversion metrics, it’s easier to understand the effectiveness of your campaign and the influencer. 

Hack: Have a strategy that involves your target audience in more than one way to commit to your brand. 

How to track and measure conversions: 

A) Discount codes and affiliate links

Affiliate links usually come with exclusive deals to help the affiliates generate more leads, whereas discount codes generally include limited-time offers for the consumers at the checkout. 

You can pick one or have both depending on what works best for you; either of them helps to create an appealing CTA for consumers and are easily trackable.

How to Optimize and Increase Conversions?

Look for the right set of influencers, who are naturally in line with your brand. With the help of these influencers, educate your audience about your product/service and its benefits. Read this blog on how to pick the right influencers for your brand.

Try your hands-on episodic content and gain more mileage from your videos. Make it a point that your videos are crisp, informative, yet interesting. Give adequate social proof that can help them clear their doubts. Build trust among your followers and consumers. 

This might look like a lot of work, but this will act like the SIP for your brand’s future growth. This, if done right, will definitely boost your conversions.

2) Content Engagement

Social media supports pages that create engagement between pages. So, if you want to be favored by the algorithm. Your engagement game needs to be super strong! 

How to track and measure content engagement, 

A) Likes: This indicates the total no. of impressions/views. 

B) Comments: This is where you ideally gauge your audience’s tone towards your page (positive or negative) and their level of interest in your content. 

C) Shares & Saves: Shares indicate the number of times a viewer has shared your content with someone in their circle. Saves show the number of times someone found your content helpful and saved it for future reference.

How to Optimise and Increase Content Engagement?

The only way to get through and have an engaging community with your target audience is to follow the latest algorithms of the required social media channel. 

Make sure your page is active with a variety of content. Increase in frequency of your content. But, at the same time, make attention to the quality of the content over quantity. Engage with the right influencers and ensure your brand is visible on their pages.

3) Web Traffic

The whole point of spending on marketing activities is to generate sales! So, the most important metric for online businesses is web traffic. 

How to track and measure web traffic:  

You can use Google Analytics to measure web traffic. It gives you insights such as how many visitors came to your website, the source from where they came, time spent on the website, etc.

How to optimize and increase web traffic:

Make sure your influencer makes content that’s unique and makes your brand stand out. Give your influencer’s audience exclusive discounts and create urgency among the followers to trigger FOMO! Create, publish, optimize and repeat!


A successful influencer marketing campaign doesn’t exist without tracking, measuring, and optimizing performance. Remember to set clear goals right at the beginning of the barter campaigns. 

Consider which influencer would be the right fit for your brand’s campaign. Have a system of post-campaign reporting to compare the performance of your future campaigns.

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