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How to Optimize Your Profile as a Young Creator and Get Brand Campaigns?

These new-age professionals are rising on a massive scale — We are talking about the influencers. These social media influencers are experts in their field, leveraging social media channels like Instagram to earn fame, money, and success. 

But influencers were already in demand. Right?

They were (are still are); however, we are talking about the wave of young creators joining the established influencers. They are referred to as nano and micro-influencers. 

Gone are the days when fame and success were only limited to mega creators; today, smaller creators are defeating odds, reaching new heights, and levelling up their game. 

What is the New Goal of These Influencers? 

Influencer marketing is no longer solely about influencing an audience but also curating and selling an experience as a whole. To sell that experience, you need to gain expertise in a particular niche. 

As a niche influencer, your audience will seek and trust your recommendations making brands more likely to approach you for their campaigns. 

Studies demonstrate there are between 3.2 million to 37.8 million influencers in the world making it a highly competitive space. Thus, optimising your profile as an influencer is of the utmost importance, if you want a chance at standing out amongst the crowd and getting noticed by brands whether that be for paid collaborations or barter campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some tips to effectively optimising your profile as an influencer.

3 Ways to Optimise Your Profile as a Young Creator

  1. Complete your social media profile

The first and foremost thing to do as a creator is to fill in all the necessary details. Describe your niche as briefly as possible and let your page do the talking! For example, if you are a fashion & lifestyle influencer, mention it in your Instagram bio but also ensure that you consistently post about the outfits you wore, emerging trends, etc. This approach will allow both brands and your audience to know your expertise in content creation. 

Consider a few other things while optimising your influencer profile. You don’t need to put your thinking hat on because we have already done the hard work for you. 

  • Upload a high-quality Instagram profile picture. 
  • Make your username easy to read and remember. 
  • Include a relevant call to action. For example, you can mention your contact details on your profile by saying, ‘’Hey brands, let’s collaborate and create compelling campaigns. Drop an email on the following id.’’ 

A complete social media profile makes one look more professional and authentic in your approach and can help you gain more followers quickly.

  1. Use hashtags 

Paid ads have helped many influencers like you reach a larger audience. But, nothing works well as an organic strategy. Hashtags are one of the effective ways to get your profile noticed. 

It helps brands to look for influencers in a specific need and select the one that catches their eye. 

You can choose a mix of hashtags for your social media posts. There are typically three types of hashtags: 

  1. Niche hashtags allow you to describe your expertise in a particular niche. 
  2. Trending hashtags help you to create content on a trending topic.
  3. Industry hashtags tell about the industry you are catering to.

Remember, posts with hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags. So, if you ever wonder why you need hashtags for profile optimisation, this is your answer. 

  1. Plan your feed well 

Content is definitely amongst the top factors that brands will consider before choosing you. But, feed remains first.

The old saying goes, ‘’The first impression is the last impression’’. The statement is true. Plan your feed well and give a personal touch to it. You may choose a color scheme if you want. But, make sure everything is in order and looks eye-catching — Attractive enough to catch your favorite brand’s attention. 

Are you a fashion influencer? Look at how Natasha Lu, a micro-influencer, has kept her feed appealing to the eyes. 


Wrapping Up

With these simple profile optimisation tips, you can ensure that your profile gets noticed by a larger audience and the brands that you would like to work with. However, if you’re looking to apply directly to barter campaigns we’ve got you covered!

We at Sehaye can help you get the best brand campaigns without any of the hassle. Check if you fit all our criteria, sign up, and start applying to the brand and campaigns you actually want to be a part of.

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