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How Can Influencers Connect Directly With Brands?

If you have been in the marketing industry for a while, you may know that influencer marketing has been generating excellent returns for several brands. 

Brands who have leveraged influencer marketing have already experienced the benefits of the same. Majority of the credits also goes to the influencers for constantly creating kickass content. 

But, with the rising competition, influencers always need to be a step ahead. Creating relevant and engaging content isn’t enough. If you are an influencer, you have to put in extra effort. For example, apart from creating engaging content, make sure you have a complete bio, aesthetic feed, and engaging followers. A lot of factors go into consideration and a single miss may even cost your favourite brand campaign. 

Therefore, it is important to look into multiple elements before upscaling your influencer career. 

How Can One Stand Out as an Influencer? 

Everybody knows that social media is flooded with influencers in different niches. Every individual may have at least one influencer whom they trust and blindly follow on social media. 

Well, that’s their power. They have the potential to influence a large set of audience more than brands; however, the number of influencers are increasing. So, it gets challenging for brands to choose the one among thousands. 

If you want to steal the spotlight, you need to stand out as an influencer and here’s how

  1. Select a niche 

You don’t want to be known as a commoner. Do you? Absolutely not. It is advised to choose a niche you love or have the required expertise in — But if you don’t have the required skills, you can always learn the same. 

For example, let’s say you want to be a beauty influencer. But, you only have basic knowledge about the same. You can start creating content with the knowledge you have and keep learning. Remember, niche influencers have the credibility to make the right recommendations for their followers and drive sales for brands; a common influencer may lack the same. 

Another benefit is that brands will always prefer you over others because of your skills, knowledge, and expertise. Thus, make sure you select a niche as per your choice. 

Guide to Finding Your Niche as an Influencer
  1. Build your social media presence 

Social media has become a necessity. Having a social media presence is a must if you want to do excellent influencer marketing campaigns. 

Be authentic in your approach and create content relating to your niche. This way you will attract the right audience. Social media presence can show your passion to your audience. It will only help in winning your followers’ trust and build your social credibility. 

Pro Tip: You can create a content bucket in advance. Creating content at the last minute can affect the effectiveness of your idea and hamper the quality. 

  1. Be creative 

As we said, the influencer marketing space has become competitive, it is important to be creative in your approach as well. Choose different topics and see how you can make it more fascinating and interesting. 

Let’s say you are a fashion & lifestyle influencer. Don’t post only about which brand of clothes you wear. You may do styling videos like ‘’5 ways to wear XYZ tops.’’ You can put a good background music and make it more engaging. 

Your unique take on a topic is something that will persuade your followers to keep coming back to you. So, let your creative juices flow. 

Which Type of Collaboration Should an Influencer Choose? 

If you are an established influencer or have knowledge about the influencer marketing space, you may know the types of influencer marketing campaigns available. 

There are two — Paid and Barter. 

Paid campaigns are always a priority for every influencer. Because in the end, everyone is looking for monetary contracts; however, barter campaigns have their own benefits. 

Barter campaigns can help you build social proof and increase your visibility. Moreover, you can get the opportunity to try your favourite brand’s product or service for free. Well, that’s what barter campaigns are all about — You can get free product samples in exchange for social media posts for brands. While you get to try their product in real-life, you can post an honest review about the same. Such reviews can increase your authenticity and increase your credibility. 

Can Influencers Speak Directly With Brands? 

Initially, there used to be intermediaries between brands and influencers (They are still present). 

But, things are changing and there is a need to make the workflow a bit smoother. 

To bring this change, Sehaye was designed with the prime objective to eliminate the need for intermediaries and bridge the gap between both parties. 

Sehaye is an app for influencers and a systematic dashboard for brands. Do you know the best part? Influencers like you don’t have to pay anything to sign up on the app. 

You can easily scroll through the brand campaigns and apply for the ones that fit your objective. Once the brand selects your profile, you are ready to work on the campaign with them. And the interesting part is that you can directly connect with brands and resolve your queries. You don’t have to contact a third party for brand approvals. 

Eligibility for Signing Up on Sehaye App

Even though Sehaye has made the process easy for influencers, they need to be eligible for the same. Here’s the criteria for the same: 

  1. You should have a follower count of 1000+ on either Instagram or YouTube (Right now, Sehaye is working on bringing more social media channels to the platform). 
  2. Second, you should have an engagement rate of 2% or more. Furthermore, it should be a public creator profile and not a private account. 
  3. Lastly, make sure you have the required knowledge and expertise in your niche. 

“But, are there any limitations to categories?” 

No. Sehaye has influencers across 10+ categories. So, if you fit the criteria, you are all set to sign up on the app. And as mentioned before, it is free of cost for all the influencers. 

Should Influencers Say ‘Yes’ to Barter Campaigns? 

Barter campaigns are beneficial. So, influencers should say yes to barter collaborations, especially the ones who are starting out. 

Barter collaborations will not only help you widen your audience base, but win their trust and loyalty too. Furthermore, you get the creative freedom to execute the content in a way that will appeal to your audience. 

As an influencer, you can get exposure to work with different brands, increase your social proof, and build your portfolio. Therefore, barter campaigns are not just about getting involved into non-monetary contracts. 

You get an opportunity to try products from different brands and post a review about the same on your social media channel. Posting honest product reviews can increase your authenticity and build your credibility. Thus, experiencing barter campaigns is important. 

Barter campaigns elevate your career as an influencer. 

It’s true that as a new influencer, getting new brand campaigns can be difficult. That’s where our app comes into the picture. Sehaye makes the process seamless for all the influencers. 

So, if you think you fit the criteria, it’s time to sign up on the and start applying to your favourite brand campaigns & give your career a boost. 

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