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How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work in 2023?

Following the Instagram algorithm is the gateway to success for that platform. Master the algorithm, and you can unlock access to more followers and better engagement. The Instagram algorithm is dynamic so you have to keep up with it, in order to stay on top!

What is Instagram Algorithm? 

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules set up by META to rank content on the platform. The Instagram algorithm does a thorough analysis of every piece of content posted on the platform. Be it the pictures, posts, reels, captions, hashtags, or engagement. Based on this and a few other pieces of information, it serves the content to the people who have engaged with a similar type of content.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Instagram algorithm works in 2023:

  1. Instagram Algorithm for Reels

Instagram is going all in with reels. If you have not yet focused on creating reels for your account, then you are losing a lot of potential. Remember IGTV, that’s dead now. Instagram is focused on short-form video content. 


1) Make sure to use the Instagram Reels dimension 9:16.

2) Shorter the duration, better the reach. 

3) Content needs to be quick, engaging, and entertaining. 

4) Avoid having logos of different social media platforms on these videos. 

Most importantly, try to ensure that the reels you create are both shareable and saveable.. This gives an extra push for your reel to be favored by the Instagram algorithm.

Source: Preview App
  1. Instagram Algorithm for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories helps your existing followers to connect and engage with you. Instagram Stories can be liked and shared as well. The no. of likes and shares on your story is an indication to Instagram’s algorithm that people are engaging with your page. 


1) Post on your stories regularly. 

2) Instagram stories are a good way to share some behind-the-scenes, content with the audience along with  Q&As, testimonials,  etc.

3) Another good approach is to share daily updates over Instagram stories.

4) Every time you upload a new post, you should also upload a little bit about your post and then reshare your post in stories. See how many more impressions you get after doing this.

All of these will help Instagram Algorithm push your content to a large number of viewers on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Algorithm for Explore

Explore tab is where users go to find and consume brand-new content. Every user’s explore page is curated to best match their interests. The explore page tends to include posts from accounts that you don’t follow but might be interested in

Tips to Appear on the Explore Page 

1) If a chunk of the user’s followers engages with your page, then there is a high chance that you will be featured on the explore page. 

2) If you have a certain interest, say dancing, you will find more content and accounts related to dancing on your explore page.

With the Explore page, the Instagram algorithm is trying to figure out what your interests are. If you consume more content from a particular category. It shall show you more of similar content itself.

  1. Instagram Algorithm for Feed

Like you have a “Home” on every website, similarly, the “Feed” is the home on Instagram. You will most likely find all the activities from the individuals you follow here along with a few ads that align with your interests.

The content that appears here is ranked based on the time of uploading, about the post, your engagement with the user, etc.


Make the Instagram algorithm your best friend by following everything they want you to do! The Instagram algorithm is dynamic. So, don’t waste time and go and implement the above in your Instagram strategy to be on the top! 

Instagram is a very powerful social media platform. Make the best use of it!

With this blog, you are now ready to go and kill it! Follow all the tips, and keep trying and experimenting with different types of content. Also, don’t forget to follow Sehaye on Instagram! 

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