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What Are Nano Influencers & How They Can Help You Build Your Business

The digital marketing space is dynamic, and businesses struggle to keep up with it. In this day and age, no amount of content for social media is sufficient. The brand needs to churn out content every other day for various social media channels. Great content is essential, but it’s not enough. 

The brand’s responsibility doesn’t end with creating content. Deciding your content’s delivery channels is crucial and can make or break your entire campaign. You have produced the right content, but you must also ensure it’s consumed by your target audience. 

This is where influencer marketing comes in. Influencers are classified based on their followers count. There are 4 main types of influencers: mega, macro, micro, and nano.  

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While influencer marketing continues to boast the highest ROI, the cost of entry can be significantly high, especially if you’re looking to work with mega or macro influencers. 

Nano influencers allow you to be able to get started with influencer marketing but for a fraction of the cost. They are Affordable and Efficient. If you want to know more about how you can leverage nano influencers for your next marketing campaign, then continue reading.

Who Are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are individuals who have between 1,000-10,0000 followers on social media. 

Although nano influencers have the smallest audience size among the different types of influencers, they also have the highest engagement rates on their content on social media. 

Here’s a list of the average engagement rate on Instagram by Hype Auditor.

Credits: Hype Auditor

Nano influencers have highly targeted audiences. If the brand’s target audiences match that of a nano influencer, the brand has a high chance of converting the influencer’s targeted audience into their potential customers. What are you waiting for? Start leveraging Nano-Influencers for your upcoming Marketing Campaigns! Use these Mail Templates to reach out to influencers. 

If you are still determining whether nano influencers can help you and your brand obtain the desired results. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate with Nano Influencers: 

  1. They have a close relationship with their audience

Nano influencers have a strong connection with their audience. They have established a good relationship and have regular one-on-one communication, making it intimate and engaging. 

Nano influencers have a loyal following. These influencers are more likely to answer every comment under their posts and reply meaningfully. This helps the audience have a better connection with the influencers.

  1. The campaign looks less commercial and more relatable

Say a celebrity like Shah Rukh Khan shares a photo of himself wearing an outfit and recommending it to you; you might as well ignore it. But, if a friend of yours does blogging and suggests a few brands online. It might tempt you to check them out.

It’s the authenticity of a product recommendation. Use nano influencers to promote your products/services on Instagram. That makes the campaign less commercial and relatable. You can imagine yourself pulling off an outfit like your friend, but not the same with SRK. 

  1. Quick content production

Your content calendar needs to be filled all the time to get seen by the algorithm. With nano influencers, you can reduce the waiting time to get your content to be delivered. You get high-quality creative assets at a competitive price and also very quickly.

  1. Lower Cost

Suppose you are starting out with influencer marketing and want to check if this will work out for you or not. Nano influencers are an excellent option for brands with a lower budget for influencer marketing. You can pick a couple of nano influencers from different demographics if you want the product to be marketed nationally. Try this out for a month. Analyze your results and repeat.


Nano influencers can be highly relatable, come to a reduced cost, and give you some creative assets at the best prices. Their audience size may be smaller, but the engagement rate is the highest! Don’t underestimate them, simply by looking at their followers count. 

In 2023, consider adding nano influencers to your marketing campaigns. With the correct planning and execution, these nano influencers can get you the best results and increase conversions in a big way! If you are a small business, take advantage of this article on influencer marketing for small businesses.

You are now set to go and onboard your next nano influencer for your next marketing campaign. Are you wondering where you can find nano influencers? Sehaye, to your rescue! Sehaye has a network of over 100+ nano influencers. 

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