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The Dos and Don’ts of Reaching Out to Influencers for Barter Campaigns 

Did you know? On average, a consumer spends more an 2 hours on social media.  People are not just scrolling through reels and using their socials for entertainment. But also make big purchases because of these social channels. 

Thanks to all the Hauls, GRWM, and Unboxing videos that showcase some really good products online that the consumers buy. Want your brand to be discovered in the same way? Influencer marketing is a way to do so.

Worried that influencer marketing will cost you a fortune? If that’s what stops you from reaching out to influencers. Try barter campaigns!

With barter campaigns, you don’t have to pay the influencers; instead, send them your products for free to try them, and in exchange they shall promote your products!

Before you go ahead, and start contacting influencers read our complete guide on all the do’s and don’ts of reaching out to influencers for barter campaigns as a brand!

Do’s for Barter Campaigns

We at Sehaye, have worked with India’s top influencers and some fantastic brands ourselves. We know what can make (or sometimes break) a successful barter collab.

To begin with, Let’s start with the Do’s to ensure that your next reach out to the influencer for a barter collab goes smoothly.

Do: Communication is Key

Communication between the brand and the influencer needs to be crystal clear. Make sure you brief the influencer correctly and always send the details to them via email.

Be specific about what you want and expect from the influencer: This includes why you chose this particular influencer, your campaign goals, deliverables from the influencers, what you can provide them with, etc.

Do: Have Practical Expectations and Deadlines

The influencer may not be collaborating with you alone. Be it a Macro influencer or a Micro-Influencer. The Influencers might have collaborations from various brands lined up. 

That’s why it’s essential to talk about 2 D’s expressly,

  • Date

Set a realistic due date for the influencer to deliver their work. A few weeks after receiving the product/service is a sweet spot.

  • Deliverables

Don’t go overboard and expect too much content in exchange for one product. Make sure you are clear about your requirement. 

For example, one short video of about 30-45 seconds explaining the product which would go on three platforms. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Do: Be selective about the influencer you collaborate with and try to build a good relationship with them.

Do your research and take your time. It’s okay to be picky, but don’t settle for subpar content. 

When reaching out to influencers, pay close attention to:

  1. Social Media Bio
  2. Feed
  3. Comment section
  4. Engagement Rate

Influencers who are most likely to reflect your brand’s voice and values can have a better impression on their audience than those who don’t. Want to learn more about how to find the right influencer to promote your brand? Check this out

Do: Give the influencer the freedom to create content

The influencer knows what works best for their audience. Giving them the freedom to do creative work will let them brainstorm unique ideas and make the content look authentic rather than scripted!

Don’ts for Barter Campaigns

With the experience of working in and out with multiple brands and influencers let us give you a list everything you should avoid to have a successful barter collab.

Don’t: Consider Micro-Influencers as “Small Influencers”

Did you know, micro Influencers generate up to 60% more engagement than macro influencers? Micro influencers have a close-knit community that helps them engage with their audience more personally.

Credits: HypeAuditor

Don’t: Expect an unrealistic amount of deliverables.

Be it Paid or Barter Collab, when collaborating with an influencer, you can’t expect influencers to do a week of content and pay them less or nothing! 

Creating content requires a lot of effort. That’s why only set a realistic number of deliverables from the influencer in exchange for a few free products. They will get the deliverables done for you but don’t be surprised if they charge you.

Don’t: Limit the influencer marketing campaign to just one platform.

Limiting the platform just cause the particular influencer has more followers there won’t do any good. Talk to the Influencer. The influencer has a better insight into what works best where! 

TIP: Don’t stop at just uploading that piece of content once. Repurpose content and get better results with time.

Don’t: Cut ties with the influencer after the campaign has been completed

After the campaign has been published. You are likely to thank the influencer and move on. If that’s what you are planning to do, let me tell you that this can cost you future partnerships with that influencer. Build a positive relationship with your influencer and treat them like a valued partner.

Wrapping Up

These were all the tips for you on barter collab. If you are looking for a systematic barter platform, Sehaye is the one! Sehaye is all you need to make barter campaigns hassle-free. 

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