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5 Reasons Why Influencers Need a Barter App 

Influencer has become a buzzword in recent years with the number of influencers increasing in various niches across social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.  In fact, many people are intrigued and have Googled  “How to become an influencer?” or “What do you need to become an influencer?” 

To answer the question, influencers need to create content that is entertaining, engaging, and authentic, helping them grow their community. With many influencers already in the space, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition especially in the beginning. 

In addition to original content you also need sponsored brand collaborations to build credibility as an influencer when starting out. However, it can be challenging to work with brands with a low follower count and no previous experience. That’s where barter campaigns come in! 

Barter campaigns allow micro and nano influencers just starting out to build their portfolio and establish themselves in the industry by working with top brands and reviewing their products. Even established influencers can partake in barter campaigns especially if the campaign is a good fit with the personal brand they’ve built or if they’re looking to try something new out of their comfort zone. 

Here’s Why You Need a Streamlined Barter App! 

  1. Work with brands of your choice 

Influencers (especially nano and micro) don’t get the opportunity to work with leading renowned brands as brands might prefer influencers with higher follower counts. 

Our barter app places the control in your hands. You no longer have to spend precious time reaching out to brands or waiting for them to get back to you.

Instead, you can go to the Sehaye app, scroll through barter briefs from top brands and work only on the campaigns that interest you! 

2. Clear campaign details 

One of the problems that influencers face is not getting detailed campaign briefs from brands. It creates confusion, leading influencers to execute the wrong content. 

Furthermore, an unclear campaign brief may even hamper the brand objectives and overall reputation because of unclear communication. 

However, a barter app like Sehaye  can eliminate this problem. Influencers can apply for brand campaigns from the top brands and wait until the result dates. If selected, they will receive a detailed campaign brief including a description, type of campaign, content type, etc. 

Brands even have the freedom to provide you with content guidelines. It can help you know the dos and don’ts of the campaign.

3. Separate schedules for each campaign 

Have you ever missed the delivery date because of multiple collaborations? Maybe. Maybe not. 

In case you have, you know balancing and proper scheduling are very important. 

Guess what? The Sehaye app can solve this problem seamlessly for you. How? With the help of a scheduler. 

In the scheduler, you can access all the brand campaigns you are working on and see the timelines for their respective campaigns. These timelines can be about the content delivery date, shipment date (to ship your barter or free product sample), etc. 

The scheduler is one of the effective ways to stay ahead of time and avoid missing any deadlines.

4. Availability of influencer ratings 

Influencer ratings are equally essential as brand ratings. 

Well, various influencers like you put years of hard work and experience into building trust and meaningful relationships with their audience, and recommendations by influencers impact purchase decisions. Thus, influencer ratings play a crucial part.

Let us simplify this for you in one sentence. The higher the ratings, the higher your selection chances. 

These ratings depend on several factors — Content quality, timely delivery, smooth communication, etc. It helps brands in selecting the right candidate and even increases your visibility.

5. Direct communication with brands

What if we said that our barter app could make communication transparent and streamline the whole barter influencer campaign process? Interesting, right? 

With Sehaye, you can connect directly with brands, communicate throughout the campaign process, and get all the necessary feedback  all without having to leave the application. 

Like brands, influencers also needed a system to simplify the process and make campaign execution effortless. A systematic app for influencers, like Sehaye, can be a game-changer for the entire influencer community. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the app today and say hi to your next barter campaign.

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