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Barter Campaign for Service-Based Businesses in 5 Steps

Influencer marketing campaigns have set a benchmark that’s quite impressive! Every business out there wants to try it on and achieve such amazing results. Be it a product business or service business, they both consider influencer marketing as a choice for marketing their product/service. 

Those traditional businesses that are new to this concept might have second thoughts before getting into this, thinking about the probability of the results that they would get from their investment. In such cases, you can always consider doing barter campaigns.

What is a Barter Campaign?

A Barter Campaign is when a brand reaches out to an influencer asking them to try out their product/service in exchange for marketing their product/service on their page. There is going to be zero to no monetary exchange.

So, if you are from a service-based business and looking to get started with barter campaigns to market your services. You’ve come to the right space. In this blog, you will learn how you can leverage barter campaigns for your service-based business in less than 5 steps.

  1. Identifying Potential Influencers for Barter Collaborations

About 60-120 minutes into your preferred social media channels you will get to identify influencers who engage with content that’s relevant to your industry. The whole process of identifying is easy but filtering out a couple of them from an ocean of influencers is a time-consuming task. 

Imagine, you have found about 50 relevant influencers who are open for barter collabs and deal or engage with your industry. Now, you have to manually sit and filter them out to hand-pick a couple of them that are relevant to your needs and requirements, tiring right? 

Well, thanks to the advanced technology and systems you don’t have to be doing that if you opt to do smart work and use Sehaye.

Sehaye, will help you pick from hundreds of influencers in PAN India and also let you sort and filter them by preferences, demographics, follower count, reach, etc. All of this in a matter of less than a couple of minutes. Read more on how you can pick the right influencer for your brand.

  1. Craft an Irresistible Offer: Showcasing the Value of Your Services X Their Content

Create an Offer that the potential influencers wouldn’t be able to say “No” to! The Offer is better communicated via mail. 

The offer here is nothing but a well-crafted yet detail-oriented deal that has all the necessary information relevant to the deal in one place. Something that answers all the FAQs one would have regarding the collaboration. 

Keep in mind that the influencer gets a dozen of such emails on a daily basis. So, your offer stands out from the crowd.

Keep these 3 pointers in mind while framing one:-

  1. Clearly mention the market value of your services.
  2. The benefits to the influencers using your service.
  3. Personalize it and mention why you opt for them over the others.

For Reference: Here’s how TimeZone Games created an awareness campaign along with local micro-influencers of a city where they recently opened. Tap here to watch the campaign.

  1. Connecting with the Potential Influencers and Seal the deal

You’ve crafted the best deal but, what’s the point of it if you have not communicated that to the potential influencers?

Sending a mail may not always get a reply, so you need to make sure you follow up with the potential influencers, to ensure your deal has been seen and understood by them. So, make sure your deal is attractive enough for them to not reject it.

Ideally, follow up 2-3 times after the first mail. Make sure the follow-up emails are short and have the necessary Call to Action.

  1. Negotiation and Structure Barter Agreements

Once you’ve connected and communicated with the potential influencer, there will be space for negotiation. One thing you have to understand is that with the deliverables in barter collaborations, there’s no one format that would suit all. You will have to customize it and negotiate with the influencers.

Negotiate and structure the deals in such a way that both parties have a win-win situation. You as a brand get enough value in exchange for your service and the influencers benefit enough from your service in trade to their time and efforts. Also, make sure to clearly state the expectations from this barter deal so, there’s no space for confusion or misunderstanding in the future.

  1. Analyze the Success of Your Campaign

Evaluating the success of your campaign is only possible with thorough and consistent tracking of the metrics. It’s important to invest money in marketing but what’s more important is to see if your investment is yielding results or not.

If you are not able to achieve returns on your investment you got to sit and check as to what’s going wrong with it and make tweaks to your strategy.

Your work doesn’t stop right there. If you are able to achieve the desired results take it to the next level and see how you can achieve even better results with the campaign. Keep trying new methods and see what works best for your business.


So, well in this blog you learned how a service-based business can make the best use of barter campaigns to market their services. Barter Campaigns are a great way to get started with influencer marketing without actually having to send a lot of payment to the influencers as “fees”. It works as well as paid campaigns and sometimes even better than that. 

The public believes Paid Campaigns to be a commercial way to advertise services whereas, a barter campaign feels more like someone you know is just recommending it or more like you are sharing your opinions about the service.

Service-Based Businesses What are you waiting for? Leverage the power of barter campaigns to grow your service-based business ASAP!
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