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How Much Barter Campaigns Cost – Online and Offline?

‘’Influencer marketing campaigns are extremely costly. It’s difficult to align with the overall marketing strategies.’’ 

You might have heard this statement a couple of times; or let’s say you might be the one with this particular thought. Isn’t it? 

Although it is a common thought, the statement is a myth. If you think influencer marketing is costly, you probably haven’t done two things: 

  • Collaborated with nano and micro influencers 
  • Leveraged barter campaigns 

Yes, we just said it. Influencer marketing isn’t only about collaborating with big and established influencers. In fact, many brands partner with nano and micro-influencers because they have better engagement rates. 

Barter Campaigns = No Monetary Contract 

Brands aim to reach the masses through influencer marketing. Because influencers have the potential to influence the audience to purchase a product or service. However, many brands opt to do influencer marketing by opting for barter collaborations. 

Barter campaigns do not involve any monetary transactions. It’s simple. Brands can ask influencers to post a review about their product or service in exchange for free goodies. 

It sounds like a good plan. Isn’t it? 

Barter Campaign Cost Difference

Barter campaigns can be done two ways — Offline and online. Offline process involves third parties like influencer marketing agencies. The agency handling charges depends on product/service, number of influencers, campaign timelines, content creations, and much more. 

Your entire barter campaign cost goes to these influencer marketing agencies, increasing your overall marketing budget. 

So, if you want to lessen your marketing spend, go online. The easiest way to do it is by registering your brand on barter platforms like Sehaye dashboard. It costs Rs.0 for signing up on our dashboard. Moreover, we eliminate the need for third parties — You can directly connect and communicate with the influencers. 

Criteria for Registering on the Sehaye Dashboard

If you want to leverage barter campaigns without spending much, the Sehaye dashboard is the best bet for you. Make sure you fit the following criteria before registering. 

  1. You should own a business. It can be an established firm, an agency, a startup, or any brand. 
  2. Your main goal should be to execute barter campaigns on social media. If you are looking to create excellent influencer campaigns, this is the best place for you. 
  3. We have influencers across 10+ genres. So, brands across categories can register on our dashboard. Make sure you have a brand account either on Instagram or YouTube. 

The Sehaye dashboard is a well-designed and systematic barter platform developed for brands like you. Our main aim is to bridge the gap between brands and influencers, eliminate the intermediaries, and remove the tiring influencer marketing process. 

You don’t need to reach out to influencers over various platforms like social media, emails, Whatsapp, etc. 

Should You Leverage Barter Campaigns? 

Brands benefit from barter collaborations as much as influencers do. 

Barter campaigns are an effective way to market your product without making it look sponsored. Influencers use your product or service and share their honest reviews on their social media handles. Influencer endorsements can help you win customers and their loyalty. Because people trust influencers’ recommendations more than anyone else. 

Moreover, brands have to pay influencers zero amount of money. All they have to do is bring the product to them and ask them to endorse it. 

Influencer marketing is creating a buzz. It’s a great way to showcase your products or services through influencers and generate more revenue. 


How to Pick the Right Influencer? 

Social media is flooded with thousands of influencers. Choosing the right one amongst a pool of influencers can be a challenge. Here are the factors to consider before picking the right influencers: 

  • Expertise in your niche 
  • Engagement rate and target audience
  • Content quality
  • Authenticity and relevance 
  • Follower count 

Sehaye dashboard can even make the selection process easier for you. You can choose filters like location, age, gender, influencer category, etc., browse, and select seamlessly. 

Barter Collaborations Are Worth It! 

‘’Barter campaigns don’t work effectively.’’ 

It is a myth. In fact, barter collaborations are worth every penny and effort. They can help you meet your brand objectives, enhance your online reputation, and attract potential customers. 

The competition is intense. It is important to follow the correct methods and leverage barter campaigns effectively. The value of barter campaigns is immense. Make sure to align them with your overall efforts. 

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