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5 Tried and Tested Tips to Find Your Niche as an Influencer

In the new age of social media, Gen-Z is hooked to their phone. Hence, taking advantage of that, brands have started to leverage social media in all the ways possible to promote their brand and grow their online presence.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands to reach their target audience. As a result, there is a growing number of people who are turning to influencer marketing as a full-time career. However, to find your niche as an influencer can be challenging, especially when you’re first starting out.

In this article, we have dissected five tried and tested helpful tips that will surely help you find your niche as an influencer:

1. Identify what are you passionate about

The first and foremost step when it comes to finding your niche as an influencer is identifying your passion. Brainstorm and think about what topics you genuinely enjoy talking about, and what you are knowledgeable about. 

Are you a foodie who loves to cook? Or maybe you’re passionate about fashion? Perhaps you have a knack for DIY projects or love to travel. Or you’re a new mom who’d like to share the ups and downs of your journey along with other helpful advice.

When you identify your passion, you’ll have a better chance of creating content that resonates with your audience. You’ll also have more fun creating your content, and your enthusiasm will shine through in all your videos, photos, and posts.

2. Research Your Niche thoroughly

Once you’ve identified your passion, thoroughly research your niche. Look at what other influencers are doing within your niche and see what type of content is resonating with their target audience. What do they post about, and how do they engage with their followers?

Take note of the colors, tones, and themes that are prevalent in your niche. For example, if you’re interested in fashion, you might notice that many influencers in this niche have a chic, minimalistic aesthetic. Knowing this information can help you craft your content accordingly so that it fits in with your niche.

3. Define Your Unique Selling Point

To stand out in your niche, you need to define your unique selling point. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes you different from other influencers in your niche? 
  • Do you have a unique, fresh perspective to offer that other influencers don’t?
  • Do you possess a particular skill or even quirk that sets you apart?

For example, if you’re an influencer in the beauty niche, you might specialise in organic and natural skincare products. This could be your unique selling point, and you could create content around this topic to differentiate yourself from others in your niche. Or, if you are a comedy influencer, you talk about working-class struggles to make yourself stand out from the other influencers in your niche. 

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4. Experiment with Different Formats

Experimenting with different formats can help you find your niche faster. Try creating different types of content, such as long-form blog posts, Instagram stories, YouTube videos or whatever else is trending on a particular platform.

After that, see which format resonates with your audience the most. If you find that your Instagram stories get more engagement than your blog posts, you might want to focus more on creating short, snappy content for your followers on Instagram. Or, if your followers like your photos more than video content, focus on creating that type of content.

5. Stay True to Yourself

Lastly, it’s very important to stay true to yourself when you are working on finding your niche as an influencer. Do not try to mold yourself into something you’re not just because you think it’ll get you more followers. Because that isn’t most likely to work in the long run, and you will find yourself burning out.

Instead of that, try to concentrate on creating content that resonates with you and that you’re passionate about. This will help you gain attention and love from the right audience who shares your interests and values from the get-go.

Final Thoughts

Finding your niche as an influencer is not easy, but these five tips can help you in your journey. Social media can be a place of great scrutiny, and hence it is important to stay always true to yourself as doing otherwise can cost you the trust of your followers. Do your thorough research by noting the colours and formats used by other creators in your niche. Understand what is your unique selling point aka USP, this will make your audience love you for who you are and will also find a relatability point.

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