Enterprise Influencer Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts

Enterprise Influencer Marketing: Dos and Donts

Influencer marketing is one such marketing campaign that every business adapts regardless of the size of the organization, be it a small business or a big brand. While the process of influencer marketing is the same for both small and large-scale businesses. But, if it’s an enterprise, you would have more things to take care […]

10 Ways to Use Barter Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Barter Campaigns to Grow Your Business

Barter collaborations are a great way to get started for brands and budding new influencers with influencer marketing. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.  The brands don’t have to commit to spending a huge amount of remunerating the influencers for their service.  And the influencers get to show their creative work with a less […]

Influencer Whitelisting: A Quick All You Need to Know Guide

Influencer Whitelisting

Influencer whitelisting is the new junction of the two worlds of organic and paid advertising. Brand collabs, when paid, can collect more data when manufacturers gain support for their customers by organically posting on their social media. In contrast, when it seamlessly identifies top customers through paid advertising, messaging and CTAs, influencers have more creative […]

Top 5 Industries That Greatly Benefit From Barter Campaigns

Top 5 Industries that Benefit Most from Barter Campaigns

Brands are constantly looking out for new, innovative ways to connect with their audience. There are a hundred different ways to market your product/ service but a  few are not just effective but are also free of cost!  Barter campaigns are one of them! It’s a form of influencer marketing where the brands give influencers […]

Fake Influencers: 3 Ways To Spot Them Every Time 

fake influencers

In recent times, many brands have started to invest a major stake of their marketing spend in influencer marketing. While influencer marketing does get some amazing results it comes with its own set of pros and cons, with influencers fraud being one of them. Influencer fraud simply means working with a fake influencer which is […]

10 Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Management Tools in 2023

10 Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Management Tools

As per recent reports, more than 76% of brands are making strategies to increase their influencer marketing budget in the current year. If your brand is not working with influencers for marketing campaigns, you are not doing it right. However, the good news in the year 2023 is that working with influencers is a lot […]

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