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Enterprise Influencer Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts

Influencer marketing is one such marketing campaign that every business adapts regardless of the size of the organization, be it a small business or a big brand. While the process of influencer marketing is the same for both small and large-scale businesses. But, if it’s an enterprise, you would have more things to take care of because of the volume of the organization. 

While the needs and requirements of a small business would be less contrary to that of an enterprise. As an enterprise, it would have more vast and varied requirements. The process for enterprise influencer marketing would have to be streamlined with systems and processes.

A common misconception businesses have related to the scaling of influencer marketing is that scaling here means increasing the budget allocated for it or going for only paid influencer marketing that too with popular macro influencers. 

Just because you are an enterprise and have a bigger budget allocated for influencer marketing doesn’t have to mean that you need to invest that in big influencers. 

Instead, think of going big with the reach. Opt for influencers based on your target market and audience. It could be having deals with several micro-influencers. 

Here are 3 Do’s and Don’ts for Enterprise Influencer Marketing

Do: Choose an Influencer Based on Target Audience

The whole objective behind influencer marketing as much as it’s for any other business does the same apply to enterprises as well. You set up a goal for each marketing campaign and find ways to achieve that goal. 

For example, say you want to increase your reach by 20%. 

In the case of a small business, they would have to onboard a couple of micro-influencers and that should suffice for them to reach their goal. 

While for enterprises, you would have to look in for a big bunch of influencers and preferably influencers with niche yet vast following so as to be able to reach a larger audience. 

Now, just because you could afford to hire mega/big influencers, don’t opt for them as not every other big influencer is gonna be the right fit for your enterprise. This brings us to our point that choosing an influencer with the right target audience is the only way.

Don’t: Choose an Influencer Based on the Followers Count Alone

One common mistake brands with a big budget do is, just because you can afford macro influencers’ fees, you opt to collaborate with them without actually looking into if that would actually help you reach your goal.

For enterprises, analyze your marketing goal, even though you can offer the fees of a mega/macro influencer, check if they have your target audience in their following and if they match your needs and requirements.

Do: Create a campaign at every stage of the purchase funnel

The added advantage that enterprises have over small businesses is a bigger budget and it can be utilized well by having influencer campaigns at various stages of the purchase funnel! 

For example, 

Consider having 3 stages, 

1) Brand Awareness, 

Have a bunch of influencers who would simply spread the word about your brand to their audiences. 

2) Product Preference, 

Target a set of influencers who could pretty much tell about your products and tell their opinions and preferences about it.

3) Sales! 

The last but most crucial one is sales! The best way you can do this is by creating a sense of FOMO in the eyes of audiences and getting them the best deals they can’t afford to miss.

Don’t: Create a campaign only once and abandon 

As an enterprise, your goals would be massive. Unlike small businesses, you need to put more time and effort into the influencer marketing campaign. Though influencer marketing is able to yield some really good and impressive results. As an enterprise, you cannot expect to be able to meet your massive goals by just doing influencer marketing once or twice. 

You have to make sure, you constantly and consistently up your influencer marketing game and make sure to experiment with your strategy.

Do: Use Influencer Marketing Tools

As you scale and onboard more influencers, you have got to start making use of influencer marketing tools as it simplifies yet organizes the entire influencer marketing process for you! 

And most importantly it helps you with not just managing influencers but also helps you look at the metrics, and analytics and makes reports based on the campaign.

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Don’t: Try doing everything manually 

Every business, be it small or large needs to try to streamline its processes. But, for enterprises, it’s not a choice to do so. It’s mandatory. Avoid doing everything manually, try to automate as many things as possible and try to make the best use of influencer marketing tools. 

Try to have a standard on-board process with templates, so, every time you onboard a new influencer you don’t have to waste a lot of your time making a new one every other time. Just make a few changes, personalize it for the influencer and you are set.


Well, with this we have come to the end of this blog, enterprises these were the top 3 dos and don’ts for enterprise influencer marketing. For more such content on influencer marketing and marketing in general, follow Sehaye & Vavo Digital.
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