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What’s New on YouTube for Creators in 2023

Youtube has rolled out some interesting updates on its platform in 2023 and all these changes are creating excitement among content creators. These updates will change the way viewers discover content and the engagement is going to be 10X from what it was the previous year. 

Read on to know what’s new on YouTube in the year 2023:

1. YouTube Shorts

Short-form content on YouTube created waves in 2022 and remains on viewers’ top watchlist in 2023. Although YouTube shorts were launched in 2020 as a direct competitor of TikTok and reels, this format created history in 2022 by reaching 15 Billion + views daily. 

Content creators on YouTube jumped on this opportunity to make their videos viral and earn extra income. Influencers also earn a proportional share of the revenue from the ads played in between the video. In the current year, Shorts are becoming more of a central feature on the platform.

Credits: YouTube Blogs

2. Music Licensing for Creators

All the music enthusiasts out there, YouTube is rolling out another exciting update on its platform in 2023, which will allow creators to license music directly via YouTube.

Apart from the free music available in YouTube’s audio library, creators will now be able to purchase songs from popular artists to use in their videos. This promising feature will help influencers to have more control over their income and the content they generate for the platform.

3. The Quiz Function

The community tab on the YT platform is undergoing some major updates that users should go and check out. The quiz function is one such feature that engages more and more viewers in 2023 and allows users to test their knowledge in a particular subject and receive feedback on the answers. 

This is being considered a remarkable feature of 2023 because it will enhance users’ knowledge and the process of creating community posts with multiple channel managers will be streamlined. 

4. Global research Tab

If you have been an influencer on YouTube for a long time, you may have noticed the addition of the research tab on the platform in 2022. Currently, this feature is available in selected countries but very soon, it will be made available worldwide. The main function of this feature is to provide users with deep insights into the audience’s mind and valuable ideas for new posts. Isn’t it exciting?

5. Upload Multiple Thumbnails

YouTube creators know the importance of uploading thumbnails for gaining the maximum amount of views on every new video. As a result, YouTube has come up with another exciting update called A/B testing thumbnails in 2023. This feature allows creators to upload multiple thumbnails for a single video and figure out one thumbnail which attracts the maximum clicks. 

Woah, this is amazing! 

6. YouTube Shopping

YouTube has finally come up with a new feature that allows creators to sell their products directly through their videos. Creators can now link products at various points in their videos and viewers can purchase them easily. This is indeed a revolutionary update when it comes to influencer marketing on YouTube. 

Creators, tried it yet?

7. Viewers Funding

Creators who are running a YouTube channel for a cause and those who are in a need of genuine financial help can now receive direct funding from their viewers and channel subscribers. Viewer’s funding or fan funding is a feature that allows viewers to make one-time or repeated payments to support their favorite influencers or creators. 


All these exciting updates are encouraging new and talented creators to join the platform. Also, existing influencers are getting greatly impacted by the way they create or share content on YouTube. We hope these landmark updates continue to disrupt the content creation industry worldwide.

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